To promote the 2022 SFCC Graphic Design Grad Show, teams of designers pitched concepts to a panel of judges from local industry professions to determine the theme of the event. The competition was close, but the judges picked our team’s concept of “Cards on the Table.”
Highlighting four main areas of design as four suits, “Cards on the Table” is about the vulnerability of showing your work, the strategy of building a good team, and the importance of playing your cards right.
As art director, I worked closely with Elisabeth Empey (Project Manager) and our instructor John Mujica to guide the class in executing all promotional material for the event. Collateral items included: posters, direct mailers, e-mail invitations, social media posts, a website, event signage, and a custom deck of cards.
The concept and branding was created with the original team of Elisabeth Empey,
Talia Glass, Nathan Donahue, Mikael and Julia Wink, and myself. Together we created and distributed assets and guidelines for the rest of the class to use when producing the remaining collateral for the show.
Face cards were executed in collaboration with Mikael Wink and Chad Welch. Julia Wink and Elisabeth Empey executed the box design.

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